Monday, May 31, 2010

End of a Busy Week

Last week was busy. I worked a contract with full-time, in-office hours. The evenings were spent jamming everything else into a couple of hours. The kids went to bed late every night (sorry K!). And the house looked like a tornado hit it. I've gotten out of practice with the working out of the home thing.

Then we burnt that proverbial candle at both ends on the weekend, including a visit to friends in another town and another late night, followed by a birthday bash that involved flying kites and wading in a stream on Sunday. It was a blast and the kids were happy and busy! But we got home later than we had anticipated and both kids refused to nap. In all honesty, I was reluctant to have naps starting at 2 pm too.

This is what dinner looked like after a week like that...
(He's chewing and trying not to fall asleep on Daddy's lap.)

Xander is not immune to it either.

And down for the count!
I tried to get him into bed shortly after that, but he woke up and was mad. So he came back to the table for berries and pudding, then had his bedtime routine and went to bed.

They were both out around 6:30 last night.

We did have a great weekend though!

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