Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Knew a Penis was so much Trouble

Okay, so as women, we know that the can mean trouble, but I didn't think that having a boy would automatically equal penis trouble. Seems it does.

First there is the whole issue of circumcision. We don't in our house, but plenty of people do. And lots get really excited about the whole debate. It seems to boil down to either you do or you don't to me, but what do I know.

For a long time the whole thing seemed only limited to minor trouble. My first little boy woke up with a lot of erections as a baby, which was entertaining. I coined a little euphemism for it: "Hey Ray, his flag is flying again." I would laugh. So much so, that now that same little boy will occasionally tell us (almost 4 years later) that his "penis is flagging". (I am giggling as I type this. Very mature, I know.)

Then we went through the whole naming the parts phase. "Mommy, what is THIS?" he would say. For a long time the whole thing was "penis", but my little explorer was not to be satisfied with that and we went through a whole week of talking endlessly about penis, scrotum, and foreskin. A very, very LONG week. I'm no prude, but enough is enough kid.

Since potty training was accomplishing (over a year ago, might I add), we've had a steady stream of "trouble" and discussion about this little appendage. Including instructions on how to stand to pee (out of my realm, I assure you, but my husband did just fine teaching him), shaking versus dabbing with a bit of toilet paper, and positioning of said appendage in his pants. He's had issues with putting it in pointing down. This leads to uncomfortable encounters with the 5-point harness on his carseat.

The list seems never ending. And I am just amused that the whole thing is so much trouble. Who knew?

Apparently, no me.

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Lisa said...

who knew? teehee