Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Curses

When Xander started what can only be termed the "silly talk" phase, we started joking around and calling each other food names. Sometimes he calls me "butter". We've also talked about peanut, cashew, and my personal favourite, macadamian nuts.

It goes like this...
Xander: "You're a walnut."
Me: "You're a cashew."
Xander: "You're a..."

You get the picture.

Macadamian nuts caused the most uproar and fun. There was protest at first. Now he uses it with relish.

Today he used it as a swear, which had me almost on the floor with laughter. After all, we are being careful not to use real swear words around him, only to discover he's creating his own.

Xander (looking at his plate and yelling at his strawberry, which was not cooperating): "Come here! You are not listening...You, YOU...Macadamian Nut!!!"


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Lisa said...

Good gravy ... what a kid!

Cindi said...

hilarious! :)

Karen said...

What a riot!