Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say a little prayer

Or send positive thoughts, if that is your thing.

One of the women I know in my online community is losing her husband. Soon. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in November and has been fighting hard since. He is only 35 years old! About a month or so ago, traditional medicine gave up on him and said they could "make him comfortable". His wife, Kellie, and his parents refused to give up and took him for alternative treatment. It seemed to be helping, but today Kellie has posted that he has days or hours to live. They are working on hospice care right now.

Gives a person a little perspective about day-to-day woes, doesn't it.

My heart breaks for the two of them, their little boys, and their families.


Cindi said...

Hugs, thoughts and prayers to her & her family... and huge perspective for the rest of us.

Hugs to you too...

Lisa said...