Friday, February 13, 2009


I've been a bit holed up this week. I've been a bit more absent than usual on the online groups I frequent. And not very motivated to write in general.

The week started off okay. I felt like I was getting a cold, but the weather was nice and I ran and then did spinning class back to back on Sunday and Monday. And enjoyed it a great deal. It's always a good sign when I exercise. Then Tuesday hit and I was dragged out. Wednesday I had a brilliant time out during the morning with another mom from the preschool. We're in the process of becoming friends and might end up being very good friends. Our kids seem to like each other too, which is a nice bonus. Plus, there is a solidarity, I am finding, amongst women who are moms to "just boys".

Wednesday night was hell on earth. Liam was up for 4 solid hours from midnight to 4 am; we still don't know why. Xander was up on and off for 3 from midnight to 3 am; he has his first ear infection. Thursday was not a pretty day. We went to the doctor and had us all looked at...well, me and the boys. I have a cold. Liam is just being miserable for unknown reasons. And Xander has this ear infection. My parents arrived from Manitoba. It's good to see them, but dealing with visitors and sick kids is no fun. Bless them, on Thursday night they kicked Ray and I out, so we got a breather.

Today wasn't bad. I had preschool duty this morning. 15 kids, 4 adults and Valentine's Day activities. Fun, but also moments of wildness. I was pretty much in the groove though and enjoyed it.

This afternoon I slept for almost 2 hours on the couch. With Xander up and watching TV. Then Liam was up and trying to pull my hair and walking around the couch repeatedly. Thankfully Ray was watching them. But you know you are zonked out when...

I also have a small pile of work I am doing. Some of it for pay and some not. I've managed to get the preschool application form all pretty and it is posted online! Hooray!!! I am working on a resume in the bits and pieces of time I have. It's a job I feel strongly about and is coming together nicely. If I could only put my life on pause for an hour or two, it would be done. You know how these things go. And I have part of an article written too. Ditto the pause thing. I am planning to get Ray to remove the boys from the house for a couple hours on Sunday and see if I can get some of this accomplished.

For now, it is almost 11 pm and I need to sleep. I'm going to err on the side of wisdom and go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour.

Oh yeah, and this update is brought to you by the letter S, which says, "sssssssssssss like snake", according to Xander. When I questioned him about other letters, he said, "Mom, I don't want to talk about it." What a guy! But he was examining and talking about what seemed like random letters and their sounds this afternoon. I later realized he was taking steps to sound out the letters on my laptop. It's progress!


Lisa said...

(((hugs))) I am sorry that you've had an icky week.

Yeah for Xander!! He's such a smart cookie; like his momma!

T- said...

Sorry you've had a hard week!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brandie said...

Your week sounds like mine. I hope it gets better.