Saturday, February 28, 2009

Somewhere between Saturday and Sunday...

Liam is turning a year old. He's my little leap year baby, so we get to pretend he has a day three years running and have a big bash every fourth year.

I am not sure how we got from this:
To this:

But here we are!

At one year old Liam:
  • Whistles as he "works". He crawls around or cruises around doing his toddler-ish errands and puckers his lips to whistle. It's cute.
  • Cries so much less than he used to. We've figured out that Zantac is indeed our friend.
  • Signs more and all done.
  • Says "Mom mom mom mom mom", but only when he is really ticked off.
  • Laughs a lot.
  • Thinks his big brother is wonderful!
  • Can eat everything but milk products.
  • Is pretty easy going, when he is not after something. (Often the something is Mommy's computer or mouse.)
  • Can go up and down the stairs.
  • Crawls, cruises the walls and furniture, and is taking the odd step and occasionally stands without holding on.
  • Sleeps in his own bed most of the time. At last! Also goes to bed without much fuss.
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo and will hide himself in blankets and even his bib to do it back to us.
  • Chugs the rice milk in his sippy like a beer-swilling barfly.
  • Thinks crackers are the perfect food.
  • Pulls books off the book shelves at every opportunity. Sometimes these are for chewing and other times to sit and "read".
  • Likes to go off and play by himself, but comes back to check on Mommy and Daddy at intervals.
A year has brought a lot of change and we are looking forward to the next year.

Happy Birthday Sweet Liam!!!


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Happy First Birthday, Liam!