Friday, February 06, 2009

The Part Where I Laugh...

Because someone else I know planned to have a week off before the baby came and that baby showed up on her last day of work! I hope she got to finish her day at work too...just like I did.

The irony of it is that it is my boss's wife. Tee hee! What goes around, comes around.

Of the many hats I wear, one of them is that I do reception one day a week and one Saturday a month for a chiropractor's office. It's a fantastic deal for me. I like the chiropractor; he's a good guy. It's a little extra money. We get our family chiropractic care for free as part of the deal. I don't need a sitter, because DH is home with the kids. And I get to go out and chat with people. A good portion of whom are also runners. It's like socializing, but I have to answer the phone and schedule appointments.

My Saturday this month was supposed to be the 21st. Unfortunately, we have to work a Bingo that day to fulfill our preschool requirements. There are only 2 a year, so no biggie. But one of us does Bingo and the other gets the kids. So on Wednesday, I switched with someone else and was scheduled to work tomorrow morning.

About an hour ago I got a phone call that the chiropractor's wife had their baby: a third baby girl. Hooray for them! Everyone is happy and healthy from what I hear.

So I get to work tomorrow, but instead, it is me calling everyone on the patient list to let them know that the doctor will not be in that day. Should be fun.

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Lisa said...

How fun to deliver the good news!