Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Advantages

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. The last few weeks have not been fun. The job I was hoping for disappeared (literally). The kids have been sick. I am sick. And I am having a hard time focusing my life and my work. Maybe it is going around. I know many of the people in my life are feeling a bit like this because of winter and colds/flus.

I've decided that instead of spending all of my energy on the negatives (which is one of the reasons I have not blogged much lately), that today I am going to write up some of the positives in my life as it is right now.

  1. By being at home, I get to be there with my kids when they laugh and cry. Today I held Liam close and rocked him to sleep. He won't be this little for long and he is sick. Holding him made us both feel better.
  2. My kids are teaching me about patience. Sometimes it is trial by fire, but when I look back at it, there are a lot of moments of laughter too. Xander wants to be silly all the time now. Part of me gets impatient, because I feel like I have so much to DO. Silly me. The best thing to do right now is to enjoy the little boy in the backseat of my van who is insisting that HE is Buzz Lightyear. "To infinite and beyond!" The second best thing is to make him laugh when I tell him that I am Lightening McQueen.
  3. We are all, by and large, healthy. A little chubby, perhaps. And full of colds and flus. But that is still within the normal range.
  4. I'm full of little ideas these days. Ways to get Xander to cooperate. New projects. Ways to fundraise for the preschool. If I could just harness it all...I'm trying!
  5. I have a wealth of friends, both those who live near and around me, and those who live far away. I also have this amazing support system of online women who help guide me and share in this crazy thing called parenthood.
  6. My husband loves me. I love him. He makes me light up inside and I can see him do the same when I come in the room. He comes to me for opinions, to share news, and to bounce idea off of. I do the same and feel lucky to have that.
  7. I've been able to help a few friends lately with the skills I have. It's something that can really make a difference and that feels good.
  8. I've been making some new friends and renewing some older friendships. I've had times in my life when it seemed the majority of my friends were guys. Right now I am basking in the solidarity of women. Don't get me wrong, I love my guy friends, but women can understand each other in a way that cuts to the core. There is nothing like a girlfriend.

I challenge all of you to find some positive things in your life as it stands at this second too. Share if you are able to do so, either here or on your own blog. Or just write it down for yourself.


Lisa said...

I bask in my mommy friends too. (((hugs)))

T- said...


Great blog post. It is important in tough times to focus on the positive, for certain!

Brandie said...

I don't think I could get through the day without my online mommy friends.

Thank you for the blog Laura.