Sunday, February 08, 2009

Warmer Weather and Running

January was a bust of a month for running. It was cold and snowy and icy. Three of the four of us got colds and stuff. My parents were in and out. And work for Ray was hell, resulting in lots of nights and grumpiness all around. Running was the last thing on my list.

The colds and other illnesses are gone. We are sleeping a bit better. Work is looking up for Ray. And yesterday it was warm enough to melt half the snow we have! Today is not as warm, but it is sunny and ever so slightly above the freezing mark.

I keep telling myself I am going to run, but lack the motivation. Today I decided I had to get back at it. So I did. It was so nice to only be bundled in one layer and my jacket. Not have to wade through the snow (although there were some brutal icy patches). And to have sun on my face.

I missed running. Thank God for warmer weather. The weather information out there says it is supposed to be like this most of the week, so I am hoping that is enough to get my motivation in gear again.

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T- said...

I miss running, too. I need to get back at it.

So congrats on the good run!