Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Screaming kind of day.

We've all screamed today.

Liam has screamed the most. Part of it is that he is working on his top front teeth, which would make anyone grumpy. He also is giving us a hard time (again! ::banging head on wall::) about sleep. Especially naps. I do not know what is with this child and sleep. Every new system we use works for about 7-14 days, then falls apart. We are on day 10 and have had 2 days of crazy and a few more where naps have been nutty too. I am baffled. He's also developed an I-am-mad or I-really-want-that-NOW scream. Piercing. I shiver thinking about it, and I am going to check and make sure I am not bleeding from the ears before bed tonight. No, really!

I do have to laugh though. I left him happily playing in our living room for a few minutes to put away clothes. It's pretty well babyproofed. Even the bookshelves are fastened to the wall! I hear the aforementioned shriek and go racing down the stairs...only to dissolve into giggles. I made Ray come and look before rescuing Liam: he had somehow gotten under the rocking chair and was stuck there, screaming his lungs out in protest. I'm still not sure how he even managed to get under there.

Xander has by and large been pretty good today. We've had a few skirmishes and, frankly, he is bored at home. It's snowing like crazy today. He'd love to go out into the snow, but it is hard to do when Liam hates the snow so badly. Anyway, he screamed but good in time out a couple of times.

Ray and I have had little inconsequential screaming at each other. I think we are shack happy. Time to get out! There is such a thing as too much togetherness.

And with Xander singing some Diego ditty and Liam screaming blue murder for the 50th time in an hour, I lost it before dinner and screamed: "Everyone just SHUT UP."

Right now I am in my office, having a little peace and a self-imposed time out. I am supposed to run tonight (first night back after a sinus infection), but there is no outdoor running, due to the snow. Nice touch, that is.

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Lisa said...

Too funny!

Tucker has started climbing on stuff ... OY!