Saturday, January 08, 2011

Makin' Changes

Often the first blog of a new year is about changes and resolutions. I started a bit earlier this year. I started almost two weeks before Christmas. I joined Weight Watchers again (I'm a fallen lifetimer) and got a gym membership.

I keep telling myself that I will run from home and work out and and and... Yeah, that's not working so great. I have to admit to myself that I am not running very much lately. My desire is still there, but my confidence lacks and my hip is still sore sometimes. And not running quickly equals weight gain. Nice, considering I hadn't lost all of the weight I gained with Liam (who will be three come the end of February, so I have to start to claim that now as my own fat rather than baby fat). I'm still working on going to the gym as regularly as I aim to go, but my rather good excuse (hee hee) is that we had Christmas and NYE and visitors in there for 5 days. So I am impressed that I went at all. It's a journey, not an overnight change.

Weight Watchers has changed their plan. I like it. The last few versions left me hungry all the time. Did I mention I was hungry. Every single moment of the day. Did I? Well, that's no way to be successful. I didn't lose weight and I hated it and I dropped out and went back and dropped out and...not a great cycle. The new plan rocks. Lots of fruits and veggies, decent amounts of protein, and not impossible to get some carbs in too. It's a good balance. It's the balance that good athletes use (yeah, not me, because I'm not doing the athletic thing these days, but I will be there again). And I love it. Plus, this is the kind of eating I did do for ages and ages. It feels a lot like being guided BACK to where I want to be.

I'm down 5 lbs in the first 3 weeks too. And going strong. This, my friends, is not a resolution. This is a change and a mighty good one. My body agrees. Everyone is happy.

Work is on hold right now. No contracts being waved around. I'm trying to be patient about that, because I know that there will be more coming.

We're doing clean outs around here. Also started before Christmas.

Oh, and the biggest change yet: Liam can now sit through a whole movie. We took the boys to see "Yogi Bear" in 3D last night and they both sat quietly and were entertained mightily for one hour and 23 minutes. Bliss!

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