Monday, January 24, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

I don't generally watch much television. I find that from season to season, there isn't much that appeals to me. Then to add trying to watch around our schedules and the kids' malarkey, and it has to be really good for me to bother. (Though I admit that online television makes me happy.)

However, I have found that there is nothing quite like watching television on DVD. And if I am sick too, it's a match made in heaven.

I once went through a whole season of Lost in 24 hours while sick with a massive sinus infection. You know, the kind where you only feel okay if you are laying down. I had to lay down for about 3 days while the meds kicked in. I'd never even seen Lost before, but I became an addict over that sinus infection.

Ray, Liam and I are sick. It's a beauty of a virus!
My television on DVD of choice: My Name is Earl. I had heard it was good and had the first season loaned to me by my friend Katrina. (Thank you, Katrina!) We've watched all but the last three episodes over the last few days. But the virus continues, so I may have to seek out the second season on my own.

Now you know my dirty little secret.

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Lisa said...

I might have to try that one.