Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Wall of Shame Returns

We've always had a wall of the pictures of our family and friends. It grows and changes as time goes on. It's our own little tradition, and in the way of our family, we have used our tongue-in-cheek humour to name it the "wall of shame".

Last summer we finally finished our fireplace, which meant a bit of a change in the family room and living room/library layouts, and we had to remove the wall of shame. Shortly afterward the hallways and stairways were painted. And our pictures have been in boxes. Just waiting.

Today the wall of shame was resurrected. It's been brought up two floors and pared down a bit. We've noticed a few people missing you should be on it (my Dad and Liam). Soon we will paint our bedroom, so we'll have a few pictures and some art for that room too. For now, it looks like this:

We also hung up our friend Sarah's beautiful gift for us:
I have a load of pictures, both electronic and otherwise, to deal with. It's now a project on my radar, but for now the return of the wall of shame makes me happy and makes me feel more at home.

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