Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Traveling with Children

I've always assumed that when we had kids, we would just continue to travel. Period. With the exception of Liam's first year, because he was so fussy and didn't let any of us sleep, we have done so. It never occurred to me to do anything else.

The other day, I ran into an online post on a mommy site where there was a mother of a very young baby who said that she assumed they wouldn't travel again for 10 or more years. It stopped me in my tracks.

I don't think I know many people who think that way.

Xander did an 8 day, 8 state tour in the USA when he was only 14 months. By car! He's been to Maryland and Manitoba by plane. And last summer we went to New Brunswick and PEI by car with both boys.

They love to travel! And the funny part is that they are often much better behaved out and about than they are at home. (As an aside, I am not sure how to take that. I would like them to behave at home too, but I am very happy that they will do it when we are out.) And they learn things when we go away. Sometimes the things they learn are about the ocean floor and seaweed, but other times they learn more vocabulary or how to get down the stairs.

It is my belief that by exposing them to new things, they grow in many ways.

We might not be able to afford fancy vacations or large plane rides at this point, but we are doing out best to expose them to many people, situations, and sites.

Thankfully, as the boys grow, we have to bring less stuff with us as we travel, making it easier and easier. I think it is working too, because Xander often talks about the places we have been and asks when and where we will go next.

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FnkyGreenMama said...

I'm with you on this. We plan to do lots of traveling with our guys. I could not last very long without getting away somewhere interesting for awhile. F has already been on 3 plane trips, a train ride, camping, on subways, on boats, to beaches, and up a mountain tram. Traveling with an infant wasn't easy, by any means, and we definitely had to bring a lot more "stuff," but it was worth it. Sadly, he won't remember those trips but hopefully they imprinted a subconscious travel bug that he will carry with him throughout his life!