Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Those Stolen Moments

Sometimes the best moments with your children are the stolen ones. The unexpected. And the rare. I love those moments. As a mother, they keep me going.

Last night we had one of them with Xander. He woke up around 11 pm, climbed into bed with us and told us he had had a bad dream. Snuggled down and was asleep for about 5 minutes or so. Suddenly, we woke right up and complained about being hungry.

Yesterday I had an IBS attack. All. Day. Long. It hurts and I don't feel like eating much. By evening things were calming down and the two mini-meals I had had all day were long gone. I was hungry too.

Xander choose to continue to snuggle with me and we sent Daddy down for snacks. I ended up with a half of a small sub that was a leftover (fine by me!) and Xander got cookies and milk. The three of us had a little picnic on the bed. Xander snuggled down for a moment after and started complaining about crumbs.

Nice, they are in my bed, not his. But I can't blame him much, because I feel the same way about crumbs in my bed. Ray brushed them off.

A few more moments passed and we sent him back to his own bed. Snack and cuddles were over.

About 2 minutes after he is all settled, we hear from the other room, "Great, now there's crumbs in MY bed too." in a grumbling voice.

Ray and I laughed that open-mouthed-almost-no-sound laugh from our own bed. It was just one of those moments.

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LOVE moments like these!