Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The iPod

I've been quieter these days because between work and home, things are a bit hectic. And yes, I did say work. I'm doing a couple of contracts in technical writing.

I've rediscovered my iPod. It used to be just for running, but running hasn't been happening for months (I did run last week and felt like I could solve all the world's problems afterward). Over the weekend I used the music to calm my little beast. Xander was overstimulated, so the music centered him. Fun!

Today I am working and listening to it. The work goes a little smoother this way, but the funny part is that with each new song I am transported to a different me. I am suddenly in university and then back to high school summers, laying in the late evening on the grass...counting stars and laughing with my girlfriends. Sometimes I am still 10 and living in Europe with my family. It all flashes with a song. The songs are long enough for me to see her, remember her vividly, and almost touch her. I remember being her. She is still in me.

I'd forgotten that part.

So I am gathering flashes of me in this tiny cubicle as I write.


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:) Enjoy it!

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Love this post - amazing.