Monday, August 16, 2010

Fenced Yard

It's a good thing that our yard is fenced and locked. Xander was never a child to go off and play by himself. To this day, he will be somewhere close by. If he is quiet, he's having screen time. But mostly he is underfoot.

Liam is another creature. I heard the back screen door creak open yesterday, only to find he'd decided to play in the backyard. Oiee. We got his sandals, sunscreen, hat, and bug spray on and let him go. With the window open and very frequent checks on him.

He had a blast and was in and out about three times.

How interesting that this is the same child who was the baby who cried all the time and was stuck to me. And now we have a little boy who plays by himself joyfully.


McCryssy said...

That's awesome that he likes to play alone. My girl is like that. She goes off and does her on thing often.

Heidi said...

Gabe is like Xander in that I never have to worry about where he is. For the most part, he is within earshot. He's not a big risk taker. He is willing, however, to play by himself, which is very handy for me when I need to get something done.