Sunday, August 08, 2010

I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more

A few years ago we put a stain on our deck. It's a Behr Premium stain and guaranteed for 6 years on horizontal surfaces and 8 on vertical (or something like that). Let's say that no one was impressed when it began peeling after 6 months.

Yes, you read that right: 6 months.

The next summer we had an infant Liam. The following summer was still nutty. And this year I have finally tackled the deck. Let's say that I miscalculated how long the job would take. After days of scrubbing with the chemical remover, plus several chemical burns to my legs and knees and chin (splatter sucks), I decided a hazmat suit would be required if I ever did that again and rented a power washer. The power washer helped, but I still had hours of scrubbing to do. I got it to a point where I could live with the results and we went forward. Ray has replaced a few boards and removed a railing that the previous owners of our property put in the middle of the deck. I like that a LOT. And we've sanded everything down and then used the neutralizer chemical.

It was a long, long time. I'd do pictures, but we're having one of those wild weather days where it can't decide what it is doing out there.

I've also managed to clean the oven and stovetop. And I sold a dresser we were no longer using. Not bad for a lazy Sunday.

All in all, I am just glad that the deck job is done and our yard will return to normal shortly. The kids have missed it and I have too.


Heidi said...

Ugh! That sounds like a LOT of work!!!

Lisa said...

Glad it's done! Pictures?

McCryssy said...

It just dawned on me... You're doing my nesting! YES! Now I can just kick back and relax ;)
I'm proud of you for tackling your project and getting 'er done. Congratulations! Now open a bottle of wine and enjoy that deck with your sweet hubby!