Thursday, August 05, 2010


I've been in the mood to get rid of things. Mostly by donating, giving to friends and selling things. So far, I have put a small dresser and a kid's activity table up on Kijiji. I've also given a few things, including a baby swing, away.

And I like the feeling. LOTS!

In fact, I am contemplating selling all of my baby gear now. I have an Ergo carrier and a Medela breast pump that may go next.

Ah...the great purge of 2010. ;)

Anyone else in the mood for a purge?


Lisa said...

I am SO like that! Archie hates it! He's a pack rat ... me? Not so much!

McCryssy said...

I love purging :) I have two big bags of clothes (mostly the hubster's stuff) that I took the liberty of purging hee hee. Once I get started I can't stop. I ended up going through my own dresser pulling out things. Enjoy!!

Laura said...

I am probably the complete opposite of a pack rat. I suspect that it comes from growing up military! Ray balances it out by collecting and hoarding everything he can (I hear his one grandmother was the same way).

Cryssy, I laughed about you cleaning out the hubster's clothing. Hysterical.