Thursday, July 30, 2009

Irritated and Anxious

The title of today's post pretty much covers it: I am feeling irritated and anxious.

Anxious because I have three articles to write by the end of the day tomorrow and I am not getting it done. Over the weekend and beginning of the week, I had a good rhythm going. My rhythm is screwed now. Right down to trying to write this post. I've been interrupted 3 times for these 4 lines.

Which makes me cranky and irritated. Add a couple of kids who have been stuck inside for weeks, because it has Not.Stopped.Raining and you see my problem. They are insane. I've broken up the two of them rolling and wrestling with each other several times this morning, including on the couch!

Thank GOD for naps and day camp, is all I can say. Xander goes to camp at 1 and I am just about dancing a jig thinking about it.

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Anonymous said...

LOL- I'm so jealous... I wish my two little ones went somewhere at 1!

hey, check my blog- I left you something!