Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost in New York

Our vacation has begun. Actually, as I am typing this, we are 4 days into our vacation and have reached our destination. But we thought we might never get here! The boarder crossing was a simple one: one car ahead of us, a few simple questions and our passports, and we were free to go. Then we entered Buffalo, NY...and that is where the trouble began. No one told me that Buffalo is a maze. We were heading to the 20A/78. Turns out that there is a 20 and 20A (because they ran out of numbers to number these highways: there's a law in NY that says you can't use any number after 20! hee hee) and that the 78 winds around and runs with BOTH of those highways.

We made a mistake and got off on the 20.

We soon realized that there was something wrong. Our directions just didn't make any sense. So we stopped for dinner with the kids (we left early evening) and asked for directions. This is when life got really interesting, as it turns out that no one in Buffalo actually knows where they are. The conversation goes something like this:

Us: "Are we on route 20 or 20A?"
Them: "You are on Transit Road."

Come again??? When questioned further, no one seemed to know that there were signs out there that actually labeled Transit Road as a 20/78 combo. And they had no idea how to get to where we wanted to go.

We did eventually figure it out and we did get to Corning for the night: about 3 hours late.

Let it be known that the people in Buffalo were incredibly NICE. And we did make it out.


Lisa said...

Glad you made it! I'm buying you an Atlas for your birthday! teehee

Laura said...

lol. We need a GPS. ;)