Wednesday, July 29, 2009

17 Months

Liam is 17 months today. There were times during the early days when I was not sure I would make it this far...or that he would, to be honest. He was a hard baby: not a lot of sleep, coupled with plenty of screaming makes for cranky parents. But times have changed and I am enjoying Liam these days. Yesterday he climbed up onto the couch, around the back of his brother (who was sitting next to me), into my lap, and hugged me tight, laying his head on my chest. How do you not love that?!?

At 17 months, Liam:
  • Makes loads of noises that are NOT screaming. He clucks like a chicken and makes airplane sounds with toy airplanes. He has a similar sound for cars, when running them on the floor.
  • Enjoys a lot of "big boy" toys and plays right alongside of big brother, Xander.
  • Giggles with, plays with, and fights with his big brother.
  • Understands a lot more than he says. He follows directions with shocking accuracy. He'll put garbage in the can, books back on the shelf, toys away, and take his soother out when asked.
  • Grabs his shoes when he thinks anyone is leaving the house. He wants to go too!
  • Is suddenly eating with enthusiasm (I'm thinking growth spurt) and will now pack back scrambled eggs, pretzels, and pork chops. A vast improvement over just a few weeks ago, when we were lucky to get a little bit of pasta into him.
  • Still loves to dress up with hats and is expanding into masks.
  • Not only walks, but walks DOWN the stairs (yes, this gives Mommy heart failure), and is now starting to run. He discovered he has knees recently, so his walking has evolved from "Liam stomps Tokyo" to something resembling a normal gait, allowing him to begin running.
  • Sometimes sleeps the night!
  • Naps really well and consistently. (Too bad big brother has stopped napping.)
  • Has discovered that we have a finished basement...and toys down there too!
  • Has a smile and giggle that would melt your heart.

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Lisa said...

Awww ... I love that kid.