Friday, January 23, 2009

Sleeping on the Crouton

Xander wants to sleep on "the crouton". What an image that brings to mind. Thankfully, all giggles aside, we know he means the futon.

Liam's sleep is a lot better (there's another posting in there about food allergies and reflux, but that shall be for another day), but we still need to buckle down and see about getting a much better schedule. And Xander is pretty much beside himself because of the hellish schedule his sleep has undergone over the past few months. He doesn't even want to sleep in the same room as Liam now.

In order to separate them, we have some limited options. We have a tiny house and there are 2 bedrooms upstairs and one on the main floor. Currently Ray and I have the larger bedroom upstairs (with a walk-in closet) and the boys share the slightly smaller room across the hall. The third bedroom is on the main floor and it is Ray's previously mentioned office (think danger pay). In theory this arrangement works. For sleeping purposes, not so much.

Some of options are as follows:

1. move Xander into our room on the floor with a mattress, while dealing with several weeks of sleep issues with Liam
2. move Liam back into our room with his crib (okay, this one sucks and I have no intentions of dismantling that crib again...twice)
3. put the futon from our family room in the basement up onto the main floor, in the living room, and let Xander sleep there for a while (admittedly, this sounds like a simple and good solution, except that it would effectively mean that we cannot do anything in the house in the evenings for weeks, because the living room is in the main traffic flow)
4. the same as #3 only put the futon in Ray's office (this would mean clearing part of his office out and putting it down in the family room, which is no small feat and it also means that the rest of what is in Ray's office could be played with, etc)
5. Put the futon in our room and our bed in the office

These are our best options so far. In the interest of completeness, we have also considered the following:
6. suck it up and leave them where they are, praying time will solve this
7. drink heavily
8. drug the kids so they just go to sleep
9. sell one of them on Ebay
10. move (okay, we ought to also put "win the lottery" before the moving part, since we cannot afford to do this)
11. major renovations (see comment above)

Yeah, I am out of ideas. But before Xander implodes and destroys everything with his sleep-deprived-bad-behaviour, we have to do something.

If some other possibility pops into your mind, please let me know.


Lisa said...

I am no help at all, because we are in the same boat. YUCK! Keep me posted on what you come up with!

T- said...

I am praying we both win the lottery. How's that?