Friday, January 02, 2009


I think that Liam has chosen his own lovey over the past few weeks. He does love his blanket and is happy to snuggle with it. He has a cloth book that is high on the list of favourites too. But, oddly enough, he seems attached to a small giraffe from our Fisher Price Noah's Ark, just like the one from the picture below. Seriously. This child totes that giraffe everywhere with him. He can even crawl with it in one hand.I see the appeal. It fits in his hand. It's chewable. It's portable. What's not to love?

This kid continues to surprise me.


T- said...

LOL! The wutz had that very same toy in the tub with him tonight. It is one of his faves.

Laura said...

It's one of ours too. Xander played with it for ages. Now it is back in action with Liam. The added bonus is that both kids now play with it together. Cute stuff.

Sadly, I never thought about putting it in the tub. What is wrong with me. LOL!