Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So my personal motivation is lacking today. I think it is the combination of tired and too many things to accomplish. Every time I think of something to be done, it occurs to me there are 10 other things to do too.

Not that I am not accomplishing things. Xander and I put in his information for Junior Kindergarten. He goes in September! How did that happen? We also got him new pants and a jacket for spring. The pants are necessary: he's growing and has now started to outgrow the pants I bought this fall. The jacket seems like a bit of a pipe dream in the midst of the snow we have. I've also gone and picked up a few groceries. Not a down day at all.

Liam had a good nap, but it was later than normal. I am pondering the idea of just buckling down to 1 nap a day for him and seeing if that cures our short nap problem. It might!

I am supposed to run tonight. It's cold, though not as cold as it has been. I am tired. My Dad arrives in the middle of the night tonight. And I just plain do not want to. I will feel better if I do it though. And I skipped spin last night. I was so tired I was falling over.

Add to this that I am waiting to find out when my job interview will be rescheduled.

I just lack motivation today. I feel a little lackluster.

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T- said...

We don't have to have motivation every day! Sometimes we just need a little time out of our own.