Friday, January 16, 2009

The Cleaning/Organizing Frenzy Continues

Today was just a terrible day to go outside. Ray and Xander ventured out for preschool, but Liam and I decided to forgo the dubious pleasure. It was -20 C (-4 F) without the windchill and -31 C (-22 F) with it when we got up this morning. Although it is a run day for me, I skipped that too. I am crazy, but not totally off my rocker! It has now warmed up to a balmy (note the sarcasm here) -17 C (windchill of -26 C).

I've been on a cleaning and organizing kick, though the limited time I have makes it a bit harder to get much done. Today I did a load of things upstairs. I've cleaned the bathroom and taken everything out of our two giant cupboards in there. Organized all of it. Threw out a bunch of stuff. I cleaned and dusted our bedrooms too. And finally, the linen closet. I'm slowly working on scrubbing the walls of our stairway and halls too. Fun stuff.

We've also made some progress on Ray's office, put up a new wine rack (the old one worked in a previous apartment, but is not great in this house), sorted through the video tapes and DVDs we own and got rid of some of them, and have started on the art supplies.

You'll all know I am really serious about this when I get to the filing cabinet and our books. I guess it depends on how long winter lasts and how cold it is in March and April.


punkin said...

Woohoo! I'm breaking out the pom-poms for you, sweetie: "Go, Laura, GO!!"

Lisa said...

Sweet! Come on over when you're finished. I need some help!

T- said...

My house next after you finish with Lisa's!