Friday, January 09, 2009

Answer to the question: Teeth or Walking First?

The answer to my previous post on the question of whether we would get teeth or walking first is...TEETH!

Liam has had quite a week. First, on Tuesday my Mom left, he got the flu (both ends, thank you very much!), and in the evening his first tooth popped out.

My poor Mom is going to think she is cursed. This kid is determined to make her miss the milestones by a hair every time! It started when he was born: she booked extra time to be with us in hoped that he would be born a little early like big brother. Instead, he was born 2 days before she arrived back from her Cuban vacation. Then, the last time she visited (in November), she was determined he would crawl while she was there. He would get up and rock and TRY to crawl, but no dice. We drove Mom and Dad to the airport, came home, placed Liam on the floor and (I kid you not!!!) he crawled across the room. Their airplane hadn't even boarded yet. I called them on Dad's cell to tell them what happened. And this visit she was rooting for those two teeth to pop out. We could see that they were right there, but nothing was happening. We even checked the morning she left. And before she called us in the evening to let us know she was home, safe and sound, he'd popped the first one through. See, she is going to think she is cursed.

Anyway, he had that flu for about 48 hours. Got the first tooth within that time. And then sometime between supper last night and lunch this morning, he popped the second one through.

No walking yet. Stay tuned for that! Maybe after Mom's visit at the beginning of February.


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FUNNY! Poor Grandma! I hope she catches the walking!