Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Xander is finished with daycare next week. He's been going to preschool since September and he loves it! As Ray said this morning, his attitude when he gets there is very much "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." He gets so much stimulation there and I can almost see the little cogs turning in his brain. We love our home daycare situation, but between the fact that he is getting excellent outside stimulation from preschool and the fact that my business is not rolling in the money these days (who can do much writing with an 8 month old underfoot) it no longer balances out. Besides, with him going both places, I no longer have much time with him and I miss him.

Liam is more and more mobile each day. He's trying his hand at pulling up on furniture, people, toys, and walls. Some are more successful than others. Occasionally he gets brave and lets go...then falls. Ooops! He's also getting teeth, I think. I can see little bulges under the gums. I will count no chickens, um...make that teeth before they hatch. Oh yeah, and he definitely has some of my mother's genes: no matter what food I make him, he leaves a spoonful behind. Does not matter how little or how much, there is always something left behind. This is my Mom. If you find a coffee cup with a half inch of cold coffee lying around your house, I bet my Mom was there! Liam does this too. Let me tell you, it is no less annoying because he is tiny.

And when does this sharing a room get easier? Seriously. It has been at least a month now, maybe a bit more, and these two are still driving me insane. Liam wakes up and cries. I have heard legends of siblings who learn to ignore this. Who are these strange children? Can they come give lessons to Xander? Xander wakes up and starts yelling "It's too loud Liam. TOO LOUD!" Which makes Liam cry more/harder. You can see where this is going, right. So we end up comforting Liam and putting him back to bed, and Xander goes to sleep on his air mattress in our room for a bit until Liam is sound asleep again. Repeat each night at some point. Sometimes a couple times a night. No wonder I am tired. If this is still like this when January rolls around, Ray and I are going to have to have a serious conversation about putting Xander in the 3rd bedroom, on the main floor; the room that is Ray's home office. There is a human limit to how long we can deal with this.

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Lisa said...

YEAH XANDER for doing a great job in preschool and Liam...take it easy on your momma!