Saturday, November 08, 2008

Liam sits

Liam has been able to sit if you put him there for several months now. Lately he's been throwing himself on the floor and making movements towards crawling. He can spin himself around on his belly with his hands. For a while he would get up on his hands and then not know what else to do, then put his face to the floor and arms down and scream, while sticking his butt in the air and knees under him. We thought that stage was annoying (the screaming part), but also hysterical to watch. Plus we felt bad for him that he just could not get it together. These days he is getting it together, but has yet to add a forward or backwards movement to it. He's up, but it's like watching a car stall. No one is getting anywhere at this rate! And he has been ticked off about not getting anywhere. He has the idea that there are places to GO, dammit.

And today I watched in open-mouthed fascination. He was sitting. Then he flung himself forward on all fours. Then down on the floor and did the spinning thing. Apparently he was done with that, because quick as you can say "sit up boy" he tucked his legs under himself, pulled his body back, and was sitting there again...grinning at me! We were both laughing in a second.

This kid is going places. Soon.

I guess the bigger question is: are we ready for it?

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Lisa said...

Ahhh...the fun begins!! GO Liam!!