Sunday, November 30, 2008

November comes to an end

So we are at the end of November. Christmas is coming.

I've been absent for a bit. All chaos. My parents, who live in Manitoba, were here for a visit. That was chaos, but fun chaos. At the end my brother had a hissy fit. We've had those before and survived. It's such a long story that I won't bore you. But basically he ruined the end of the visit. Luckily we had a good time on the last few days without him.

Ray went to Rochester for training from a Sunday to the Tuesday. Xander had the flu in there. I had it yesterday and still have it today. Yuck!


And in the middle of this Liam has truly learned to crawl. He's everywhere and into everything. We need to re-babyproof this house. He's making laps of the main floor. Cute. He's also working hard on pulling up and gets up to his knees.

I think I might be on to something for the sleep issues, but I dare not write that yet. I'll let you all know if it works. It might be a bit of a process, but this might solve things. Might.


Lisa said...

Fingers crossed!

Laura said...

Thanks Lisa. I am hoping!

T- said...

Yay for crawling!

Good luck with a fix for the sleep issues!