Monday, November 10, 2008

Funnies by Xander

This morning I was driving Xander to preschool and we had a conversation that left me laughing. We started off goofing around (he has a think about using the word walnut as "bombutt" and then being silly with it). He told me I was silly.

Me: But I am not that silly. If I were silly, I wouldn't have married your Daddy. (There's a fallacy argument in here somewhere, I am sure that Ray will point it out to me later.)
Xander: You're not married to Daddy.
Me: Yes, I am.
Xander: You didn't wait for me? (And he started crying at the thought of being left out of something!)
Me (trying not to crack up at this point): Well honey, that's how it is done. (Never mind, we'll talk about the details there much later.)
Xander: I really wish you hadn't done that!

I lost it at that point.

Later on I was filling in birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar.
Me (to Ray): And Xander is 2005.
Xander: NO, I am 3!

Xander running around the kitchen: I am getting the ants out of my pants.

There's other stuff, but D is singing the D song in the background via the ABC thing the Leapfrog makes, so it's hard to think of them all. Conversations with a 3 year old is an interesting way to spend your day.

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Lisa said...

FUNNY!! It took until Silas was 5 before he understood why he wasn't in our wedding video!!