Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have a few interests. My family and friends. Of course, my kids. I love to travel, though with kids and limited income, that is not much of an option these days. I'm a reader. Ray is too. You should see our living room: 7 six foot bookshelves packed full. And that is only a portion of our books. We read.

About 7 years I started running. I love running. It makes me feel human and helps me keep life in perspective.

I am not a fast runner, but I can do the distance and just keep going. Most of the time. And I have had the patience and perseverance to come back from injury and two pregnancies.

But right now I am debating. Over the summer I joined a great running group. I really like them and I like running with them. But Liam was just born in February and that brings a few new challenges. Lack of sleep does not make for a better runner. It makes running a bigger effort. My joints are not back to normal, and they may not be until I finish breastfeeding.

While I was running over the summer, I got plantar fasciitis. Despite rest, ice, and lots of painful massage, it persisted. It has died down now, but my knees and hips are aching now. Especially my knees. In an effort to stop the ache, I got new shoes. They are fantastic and the aching is much less. But I am finding that my knees are still not right. Most likely because of the crazy hormones from having a baby and breastfeeding.

A new clinic is about to start on November 25th. I would love to go. I really want to spin too with the group. But then I wonder if I ought to put my efforts elsewhere this winter. It makes me sad, but I've never ached this long before. But I still struggle with the choice: to run or not to run.

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