Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Keeping Me Away

What, you may wonder, has been keeping me away from my blog for 11 days. I want to claim it is all interesting stuff, but some is the mundane results of another flu...and now allergies galore. And some of it is from catching up at work. And the house. Did I mention that I have suspicions that laundry creates itself while we sleep. The towels are having parties at night and making themselves dirty. I swear that is the only reasonable explanation.

And since I don't have enough to do, I have joined Twitter and an online class for magazine writing.

But the biggest reason is reading. I finally managed to get enough time to finish Guy Gavriel Kay's latest book, Under Heaven. If I weren't already married and had my own kids. Plus he is married and has a life. And if it weren't extremely creepy, I might proposition that man. Because really, if the stuff he puts in print is that good (and believe me, it is that good), then imagine what pillow talk would flush out of his brain!

And now I am back to Jacqueline Carey's second Kushiel series (second book in). I have to thank my friend Tara for recommending these books. They are absolutely beautiful and I end up reading far into the night and wishing there was more time to read.

So I have abandoned writing on this blog for stolen moments with my book. Oh, and for the record, I read the Guy Kay book in the traditional dead-tree version and am reading Kushiel's on my e-book reader.


Lisa said...

I want to try the Kushiel series!

Laura said...

Do it! It is an awesome set of books!