Friday, April 09, 2010

Organization and A New Love

We've been flipping rooms around. Two of them, actually. Our family room had been my office and the kids' playroom (it's a big room) and the living room had been our library and living space. I wanted to go back to having the television in the family room and my office in the library space. When the old television broke, we decided to go for the switch.

Except it isn't as easy as all that. We cleaned and painted a bit. And rearranged some furniture. But the new television goes on the wall and our entertainment unit is outdated. So where to put the DVDs and other stuff that goes along with a television? We have a hutch downstairs that is doing that job now. But when you empty that out and move it, where does the stuff in it go? And then we need a new place to put x, y, and z.

You see how this can go around for days and days, right.

We've made progress. And I am happy, despite the constant shuffle.

And last night Ray and I sat down to watch our first movie on the new television and blue ray player. We choose Sherlock Holmes. I have to say, move over Ray, because I have a new love in my life. I adore our television! It was worth the wait and the money and the hassle to get it up on the wall. All of that. It was worth it!!

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