Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We don't have dessert every night. Often it is fruit of some kind, if we do have it. But lately, Xander has decided he has to ask each and every night, "What's for dessert, Mom?"

The first answer I gave him tonight (randomly, off the top of my head was, "Monkey turds."

Which got a big blank face, as we've never used the word turd before. Ray and I translated it to poop and Xander laughed and replied, "No, really???"

So, again, randomly, I said, "Jumping beans!" And Ray and I came up with a story about how they jump in your tummy and in your mouth, and even all over the table, so you have to catch them first.

I could swear Xander actually rolled his eyes at us!

And the crowning glory was when he said, "Besides poop and beans, WHAT are we having for dessert?"

:snickering: Me thinks this boy might be on to us.


Lisa said...

That kid can dish it out AND take it! HAHA!

mnmelanson said...

I agree..... mine are catching on and shooting back!