Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sugar Bush

Our Spring Break was two weeks ago now, but I never did get around to posting about it. We spent Friday with my friend Jeanaha and her family. Jeanaha has 3 kids: Devlin is a year older than Xander, Ceilidh is a year younger than Xander (and says he is her boyfriend, tee hee), and Aisling is a little bit younger than Liam. It's a nice mixture! Basically, now that the two babies are hitting the 2 year old mark, the whole lot of them entertain themselves and each other and the adults can talk.

There wasn't as much talking on that Friday, because we went to the Maple Syrup Festival. We had lots of fun. Our day started out with pancakes, syrup and sausages. Then a wagon ride and a walk through the bush, where we heard some of the history of making maple syrup. We wrapped the day up by going to the playbarn and running the last of the energy off them.

Monkeying around before meeting our friends:

Our five monkeys, listening. (Look carefully, as it is unlikely we'll get all five of them to listen at once again.)


Lisa said...

SO sweet!

Laura said...

LOL. And I didn't get all the pictures I wanted on here either, because Blogger was giving me a hard time yesterday. Maybe later this afternoon.