Monday, March 22, 2010

Of Bunnies and Pigs

I have two good Xander stories from this weekend.

We were talking about Easter in some way this weekend and Xander turns to me and says, "Mom, is the Easter bunny real?"

Seriously? He's only 4.5! I thought we had longer than this.

So, in my best serious voice, I said, "Well, Xander, what do you think?"

As quick as can be, he replied, "I think it's just a man in a suit!"

HOLY COW! Seriously?!?

I very calmly said, "I guess the Easter bunny won't be coming then."

Well, that changed his little tune. He put on a very stern voice and said, "No Mom! The Easter bunny comes to EVERY child." And then went on to explain how there are lots of Easter bunnies all over the world to accomplish this task.


This kid is going to make me go gray.

Then yesterday morning Ray and Xander were talking about bacon and how much they love bacon. Ray starts teasing Xander about how much he'd love to have a bacon tree (insert me gagging at the thought of raw meat hanging from a tree), so he could go out and just get fresh bacon whenever he wanted.

So I said, "Xander, do you think that is how we get bacon?"
"Yup!" he said eagerly.
I shook my head.
"No, we get bacon from a pig."
"Really?" Xander says, " do you just chop off it's head?" And he makes a chopping motion.

I am not sure where he got it from, but he's mostly right. And he was really excited about it. At least he's not squeamish. And he comes from a family with several generations of farmers. I guess those genes run true.

Chop, chop. :rolling eyes:


McCryssy said...

"A man in a suit" It's all downhill from here lol Where does he get it from? He's hilarious :)

Lisa said...

Holy cow ... what a tough cookie. TOO funny!