Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Son the Stripper

Liam was wandering around after breakfast yesterday morning and he spotting a basket of clean laundry in the living room. He went over, pulled out a clean shirt, and began to strip himself of his pajamas. I laughed and helped him.

Last night, we went out with friends for dinner and left the kids with a sitter. Both boys were in their pajamas before we left. Liam goes to bed in a light pair of regular pajamas and then a pair of fleecy footy pajamas. The second layer is like having a blanket on him, since he won't keep a blanket on top of himself. We got home and both boys were sound asleep. The sitter said they were great and went down without a problem. About an hour after we got home, I went up to check on them...and I laughed. Liam was in only one pair of pajamas. He had obviously stripped the overlayer of jammies off and thrown them over the edge of his crib.

And thus the stripping begins...

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