Monday, February 08, 2010

This is the part that drives me bonkers

I'm in the middle of a technical writing project and I have reached the part where it drives me crazy. I feel like I am in the bowels of hell right now. In the beginning of a project, you have the early learning about the item/project/company. Later on, you get to write like mad. But this part here is where I pull and tug at different pieces and try to get them to all line up. It's like wrestling a herd of cats, I tell you! And I am just frustrated all the time.

I do know it will fall into place. I know that I can write it. I know that there will come a moment when the pieces will fall into place and I will understand it all. And then it almost writes itself.

But right now I am just tugging at it and trying to fix it all. And it's incredibly frustrating. These are the moments when I think about taking up hair dressing or nails or something else...anything else.

Remind me that the light is coming soon. Please.