Sunday, February 21, 2010


As a Mom, you learn that sometimes quiet is a sign of trouble. When my kids are quiet, often they are getting into something. This is more true for Xander than Liam. And it is not just quiet that defines their trouble. Lately Xander being in trouble is often preceded by Liam screaming (Xander has thinks that if he hangs on to a toy, that it is his and Liam cannot play with it...he's learning that we don't put up with hoarding toys and that if he is not playing with it, Liam will get it.).

In any case, the reason I have been so quiet here is because we are coming off a week of sick. It started with Xander, who was sick for about 3 days with a fever of 102 and a wicked cough. He got better fairly quickly, although he had a one afternoon and evening of relapse later in the week. Liam was a couple days behind Xander, but his was mainly a fever of 103. By the fourth day, he had acquired the intermittent cough of a three-pack-a-day smoker and we took him in to the doctor. He was pronounced to have infections in both ears and pneumonia.

Needless to say, my work week was shot!

So I have spent my week wheedling liquids, food, and Advil into tiny people. Cuddling. Wiping noses. Checking on"monkeys", which is our term for taking temperatures.

The other day I told Xander that I was sorry he was feeling bad, only to be told, "It's not your fault Mommy. It's the monkeys' fault for having a party in there." And said with the utmost seriousness too.

Of course, one cannot be breathed upon, sneezed on, coughed on, and snotted on without some measure of risk to one's own health.

So the last few days I have found myself less energetic. Feeling a little achy. And today I have a low-grade fever of 99+ degrees. Fun stuff.

So I have been a little quiet.

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Lisa said...

(((hugs))) Feel better soon! And I know that fear of the quiet moments all too well!