Monday, March 25, 2013

Don't Ask...

We've had a good weekend, despite lots of work involved. There was much visiting with friends and drinking wine. Not so much that it overtook the rest of the weekend, but a really nice balance of it. That, coupled with another two chapters of editing (I feel a little bit like The Little Engine that Could as I keep poking away at this project) made for a full and busy weekend.

Speaking of work, I have been editing a book on labour relations (it's pretty interesting, actually). Through the end of January and into February, I did the content and copy editing portions. It's 1,000+ pages, so it's no small feat. Now I am working on proofreading it. The deadline is Thursday, so I ought to be there instead of here, but a little time for my own brain doesn't hurt either. I am excited to be done, because editing a book that is this long is a little like running a marathon (I've done a few half marathons, so I have a clue what I am talking about here). The funny part about being busy though is that it seems to create more busy-ness.

Does your brain work that way too? The more I do, the more I have in my head. The less I do, the fewer projects occur to me. It's a little like the law of inertia, but for my brain.

The big deal here is that I have another potential client talking to me about blogging, my current client would like more writing work, and I have an idea for a personal project that will involved a photo blog (and nope, it's not going to be a 365 photo blog...they are interesting, but not quite it). I am not ready to talk about the photo blog in specific details yet. At least not here. Some of you will know more about it, because I have been slowly talking about my idea and asking questions along the way.

The thing about doing a photo blog is that it is scary! It's a topic I don't normally approach. It's a medium I don't normally use (I'm the word girl, not the image girl!). And I have to ask people to do things for me. That last one is the kicker. I realized through this process that I am not good at asking for things I want. I am not sure what that says about me, but it is a deep truth I have unwittingly unearthed. The greatest part is that the people I have spoken to have been supportive and many have volunteered to help. The more I ask and the more I talk about this project, the more comfortable it becomes and the more people I have enlisted to help. I am beginning to believe that it will see the light of day...and I am excited.

That said, Thursday is a few short days away and I need to get back to proofreading this book. Only 290 pages left...

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Sonnenblume Madchen said...

I don't know why our culture has made it difficult for us to plainly ask for the things that we want without feeling guilty or shameful for being direct. It doesn't mean that we're always going to get what we ask for, but you don't get anything without asking.