Monday, September 17, 2012

A Return and Updates

It's been a long time since I've blogged. I spent the summer with my brain on neutral. It's not a pleasant feeling and not one I am used to, but I literally couldn't write a thing if I had wanted to. It just wasn't there. It's not that we didn't do things (we did LOTS!), but my brain was quiet and my fingers followed suit.

The beginning of September has come and gone. The boys are in school again, Beavers began last week, and this week swimming lessons start up. Our schedule is shaping up.

Xander has meandered off to school with great confidence. I sometimes wonder who that boy is, when he asks to cut across the field and join the crowd outside of the doors? He still talks about not wanting to go to school, but his actions speak louder. He can't wait to get there! My social butterfly loves being with his friends, and his active brain is happiest in school. Not that he doesn't like to laze around and watch television on the weekends, mind you, but this is a happy kid who goes to school.

Liam has had a rougher time adjusting. It is his first year and he has only gone for one week now, instead of the two that are under his brother's belt. Liam also takes longer to warm up to activities in general. It's just who he is. He does like his teachers, and he comes out grinning from ear to ear, so I think he will be okay. So far, he talks about library, gym, music, and the caterpillars (the class has caterpillars that are making cocoons and becoming butterflies; I believe there are three butterflies at last count). On our walk to school this morning, we met one of his classmates and the two of them were grinning at each other. I think that is another positive sign.

Unlike Xander, Liam is in the new all-day-every-day kindergarten program. For Liam, this means a consistent schedule (the old program was Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Friday with random Fridays thrown at both), a play-based program, and a fair bit of adjustment from last year's 2 afternoons a week at preschool. For me, it means a lot of time on my hands and missing his little presence.

I've gotten used to having Xander at school. Liam not so much. Frankly, I am a little bored without him. This is an adjustment for me too.

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