Thursday, November 19, 2009


It would appear that I have been slack in my blogging. Not because I am not interested in blogging or because I lack for things to say -- on the contrary! -- but because life gets chaotic sometimes.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Xander and I had a conversation about heaven. These come at regular intervals, since our dog Nouschka died over 18 months ago. He's processing. It's my only explanation. The other day he was concerned that God may not be feeding Nousch properly. This was compounded when he asked me if God was "a people" and I said "not so much". We then had a conversation about souls going to heaven and bodies not going (he didn't ask where they go, so I didn't go there). He considered this information and said, "So, Mom, do our heads go to heaven." I laughed a bit. He has a very interesting and literal way of looking at things. I must remember this. I also must remember to stash this little tidbit for his wedding day! It might be just the thing.
  • Liam has discovered pretend. He pretends to wash and dry his hands. He pretends to eat food and laughs. He pretends Lego blocks are a ship of some sort and flies them around the room, complete with noises. It's cute. I worried that we wouldn't see pretend for a long time, since he is not talking much. Turns out that pretend does not hinge on words. Foolish Mommy!
  • I had a day of professional development. It was my first since Xander was an infant, so long overdue. I took a course about business writing techniques by Paul Lima. He was excellent. I discovered that many of the techniques I used when I was writing by hand (paper and pen and then typewriter), I have abandonned when using the computer. I'm convinced to go back to them. Also, the exercises were so incredibly easy and smooth to do that I have regained a measure of confidence I didn't know I had.
  • I'm working on my website for my business. Hooray!
  • We've all had our H1N1 shots now. The boys got the second half of theirs this afternoon.
The big thing is that Ray is sick. And not flu sick either. He has some kind of infection in his gut. When I came home from Manitoba he had some gut ache and started a fever that evening. He's had that fever to some degree or another ever since. If you are counting (we are!) that's 12 days. He's now been to the doctor 3 times. He has had a full round of antibiotics that we believe did absolutely zilch. He is now on a second round of the same antibiotic (in case it is actually holding the infection at bay for now, since we don't really want this thing to go Supernova over the weekend) and a second antibiotic to cover all bases. He's had a load of blood work done, a full urine sample, and stool specimen. Most of the results are in and show he has a high white blood cell count: in layman's terms, he has an infection. Well, crappola, we knew that. And we are waiting on the abdominal CT, which is scheduled for early next week.

We've not been much fun. Ray can't do a whole lot, because much more than daily living sucks the energy out of him. He's taken 3 sick days in this time, which is absolutely unheard of for him. Basically, we are just going from day to day and trying to survive.

And we sit and worry about this. If it were a virus, he'd be better by now. If it were diverticulitis, it ought to be worse or much better by now. And there is no sign of a bladder infection from the tests. Bummer, but we are out of answers. Hopefully next week will bring more answers and more blogging.


Heidi said...

I hope Ray's stuff gets figured out soon. I'd be worrying, too! Hang in there, both of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Ray is sick :( I hope he gets better soon and you all figure out where his infection is. Keep us all posted! Hugs :)

Lisa said...

Hugs for you and Ray! Cute kid moment!

McCryssy said...

I hope Ray gets well soon. I'm sorry he's been so sick for so long :(