Monday, August 24, 2009

Activities for Liam

Liam had his 18 month check up last week. It was about 10 days early, but our regular doctor is on maternity leave, so we had to take the spot we could get with the fill-in doctor. The new doctor seemed very nice and she was quite thorough. We've determined that Liam has grown an inch and put on almost 2 pounds. He's a bit slower to gain and grow than his big brother, so this was welcome news. He is a bit behind on his vocabulary, but we have him on the waiting list for evaluation (likely he will be seen in the next month or so) and he is obviously understanding us and engaging us regularly. He loves to run little errands and tickle his brother best!

But I had the laugh of my life when she said, "So, what activities is Liam in?"

Come again? You realize that this child is not even 18 months old? I ask you: why oh why does an 18 month old need scheduled activities (other than to make money for an entire industry geared towards the entertainment of small people)? Is life and sauntering around after a big brother not enough?

So here are a few of Liam's "activities". (And yes, I am still laughing.)


Hanging with friends...
And playing in the backyard with Xander:

"I know he is here somewhere..."

Two Cute Monkeys:
What does this thing do?
"Hey Mom, did you know you can go down this thing this way?"


Cindi said...

LOL! Good lord, I love it.. activities? Because, she means, as a toddler, he's not active enough?

I love your "activities" list & pics... that would be our list too: run, climb, slide, dance, climb, socialize, scream, hit, run, climb. Hee hee.

Lisa said...

Super cute! Liam's "activities" are about the same as Tucker's, but you forgot emptying boxes of Cheerios onto the floor and unrolling all of the TP. Tuck's 18 monther is Friday ... oh boy!