Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too much crammed in my head

Ever had so much crammed into your head and happening that you had a hard time getting it out on paper? Or in a blog? That's been me the last month. We've had Liam's birthday, my folks visiting, illnesses, and a load of other things. I don't lack for topics, but to narrow it down...that's the trick.

I've been looking for work. Today I was told that the job I was up for is now no longer available, because the company doesn't have the funds for it. In theory, I do understand this, but the big catch is that this company contacted a placement agency, went through the process of getting the job out there, discussed rates, was on the cusp of an interview...and THEN decided that they didn't have the funds. Who does that? I find myself highly irritated by this behaviour. And worse, this is the second time that I've essentially had this happen since January. Enough to make a person shake her head.

I know that the economic times are tough, but has common sense fled as well?


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Thanks Lisa. I'm just trying to get out some of the things that have been going on and dealing with them. It'll all work out fine.