Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've been promising myself for some time that I would learn all there is to learn about HTML. I know it is not hard. I actually understand the tagging system and am pretty good with a computer overall. It helps that I know FrameMaker and was able to mess around with the tags in there. I used to do it on the old versions of WordPerfect too.

And yet, I procrastinate. I've tried 2 books. The first one was a "For Dummies" book. The second one was another kind, that seemed pretty good. I get to about the halfway point with it. The problem is that I need to be working with it as I go along. And I don't. Go figure.

I am currently working on a free online course to teach me HTML here.

I've got an Honours Degree in English Literature, a post-grad certificate in editing, and I have done a load of other courses. And here I am...admitting that HTML continues to escape me.

(I think I need something faster than 24 hours worth of lessons that most of these books offer. Sheesh.)

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Lisa said...

It escapes me too!