Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picture Input

I have a load of pictures from our summer vacation. I put a load of them on Facebook, so if you are my "friend" there, then feel free to take a look. Not long after our beautiful summer vacation in New Brunswick (we drove there and back and spent a day in PEI too), I bought a picture frame to put a few pictures in and hang on our fireplace.

My only problem is picking pictures.

I want these two for sure:

Our feet on Cavendish beach. Liam a bit reluctant to play along.
Xander and Liam at Hopewell Rocks, NB...walking the ocean floor!
Now, the big catch is I have 2 spots for landscape photos and 2 for portraits. Here are my other choices:

Hopewell Rocks: Xander muddy, Liam touches the ocean for the first time, and Xander in the ocean for the first time.

Cavendish Beach: Liam and two of Xander in the sand.

Miscellaneous: by a lighthouse and then malarky in the park.

Give me some feedback, please. And some reasoning. Remember to choose one landscape and one portrait photo.


Heidi said...

I'm no help on the picking. They're all cute! However, I did want to say that when I've had to pick a certain orientation but the picture I wanted didn't fit, sometimes I've been able to crop it to the correct orientation, depending on the original composition.

Lisa said...

My votes:

Xander in the ocean for the first time and I LOVE all 4 of the ones by the lighthouse!

Stephanie said...

Such gorgeous photos =D

I would pick:

Daddy with Liam, checking out the ocean.

Mommy with Xander and that cheesy grin of his.

From an artistic perspective, they aren't necessarily my favourites, but as mementos of a family vacation they definitely are. I like the parent/child symmetry of those two shots, which not only ensures you have a good shot of everybody in your frame, but also captures the love, connection, and "family time" that vacation memories center around.