Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I've been pondering the meaning of story. How we each have one and how our stories tangle together. But also, how we think about story and create it, share it, hide it, and sometimes revel in it.

Pictures. Music. Radio. Film. Television. Books. Magazines.

We are beings who wallow in story. Even as we live it, we wallow in it. Smelling, touching, tasting the edges of it. Sometimes consciously, but often not.

Even writing this blog is an expression of my story. Your identifying with it is part of your story.

I wonder how my boys will feel about the beginnings of their stories being mixed here, with mine.

So, here is my thought for you for the day: think about your stories and how you are expressing them. Reach out with them, touch them a bit, handle them, and then come back and tell me what came of it.

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Heidi said...

This isn't what you asked us to do but your post made me think of a book by Donald Miller about stories. I haven't read it yet but am told it's excellent, and your post made me think you might like it. If you read it and like it let me know! lol It's called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. He's written other books and I think some are somewhat based on a religious perspective, but I've seen this book recommended by people of various faiths.