Monday, June 07, 2010

Coming to 5

Xander's birthday is coming up soon. He's going to be 5 and we hear about it all the time. Apparently in his head 5 is a big thing. I can't blame him, since he will be able to put his whole hand up to tell a person his age now.

The other day I said he couldn't do something, because he was too little. Well, you should have witnessed the sheer attitude I got in return.

"Mommy, I am NOT too little. I'm going to be FIVE soon you know."


Yes, my son, I am incredibly aware of it. Proud, happy, and sad at the same time about it.

As these last few days of this little boy being 4 remain, I find myself walking both in the here and now, and in those last few days before his birth. Remembering how big I was and the things I was doing. How we prepared for this tiny human. And how it was both too much and not enough preparation.

Wasn't that just last week? How did 5 get to be upon us so fast? (And please, no one tell me that Liam will be there in a blink of an eye too.) Makes me wonder if my mother feels this way about my brother and I still.


Lisa said...

Just wait until you're staring middle school in the face ... gaah!

McCryssy said...

Now I'm nervous. Every birthday makes me crazy sentimental. I can't even fathom 5. That's for real a big kid.